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Anti-theft door of the heart security door lock core installation skills

1, find the location of the lock screw hole, the screw will screw down;

2, slowly turn the key, in a position that fork fork in the lock tank, you can pull the entire lock cylinder from the lock body;

3, at this time, measuring the size of the existing cylinder. Common cylinder, that is, the diameter of the round head is 17mm, the width of the small head is 10mm. The height is 33mm. If your cylinder size is the same, then determine the length of L1 and L2.

4, put the lock cylinder and then tighten the lock screw, and then install the inside and outside the handle in the room handle on the two screw eyes, tight on the screw tight on the line.

Note: If you will not change or not sure, it is recommended to find a professional lock lock for the lock cylinder.

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