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How to install a home ball lock

1, according to the "fixed-range model" set the lock body, the center of the lock, to determine the installation of the general position of the lock.

2, from the two center points circle, light drill a diameter of 54 mm lock body hole, after drilling a diameter of 25 mm lock body hole, while dug the lock pull the nest.

3, with the tip of the accessories to remove the handle.

4, first put the tongue into the door side of the lock hole, with screws to fasten, and then lock the body, from the room into the lock body hole, while buckle the end of the tongue part of the lock body and the tongue stand up.

5, adjust the external adjustment ring position, so that the center of the lock body in the center of the center line position.

6, will be in the handle on the tube, with the end of the accessories to suppress the positioning card, and then pushed into the handle, so that both sell.

7, if the key and outside, inside the handle to open flexible, then the lock is installed correctly, such as check open is not flexible, then the inside and outside the handle to install a certain problem, need to continue to adjust.

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