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How to lock the lock

1. Do not rain the shower, flush, because there are small springs will rust is not flexible.

2. Locomotive keys do not have a long string, tandem together, the locomotive in the run, the key shaking the weight will wear off the heart, a long time the key will slip out.

3. When the key is not inserted or pulled out, spray some light oil, (such as w40) can not be too strong oil will not be active.

4. Some lock heart is not refueling, (very few) such as the mother beads lock heart.

5. When the door lock is not good, spray some oil on the oblique tongue.

6. Automatic lock (three. Four. Five) to some micro-gap can not be too tight, (such as unlock the door when you need to open the door to open) lock easy to bad.

7. The door can not be too big, easy to be poked and shaking sound.

8. Anti-theft door has a lattice-type, anti-with the wire into the hook open automatically lock the oblique lock pull, the door opened.

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