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Padlock how to open the padlock Model and padlock type introduction

That is, when the key inserted into the keyhole after the key, do not need to spin up to pull the lock, called "top unlock", this type of padlock is particularly suitable for the arms or embrace the object should not be put down to use. The so-called "double-open padlock" refers to the need to open two key work in order to open the lock, the confidentiality of strong performance, suitable for two people in custody, the two opened the scene at the same time, such as warehouses,

According to the principle of magnetic repulsion, the magnetic cylinder system is adopted. A constant magnetic metal separator with the same magnetic plate is installed between the lock cylinder groove and the insurance pin. The key is not in direct contact with the insurance pin. When the slotless magnetic key Smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder rotation, the key touched the metal partition, resulting in a strong repulsive force, the lock easily open. In addition, the use of the principle of magnetic adsorption, the metal plate to tighten, rely on the spring to open the lock.

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