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What are the types of hardware locks?

1, padlock: divided into copper padlock, iron padlock and password padlock, the main specifications are 15,20,25,30,40,50,60 and 75mm.

2, tipping locks: divided into full copper tipping locks, sets of copper Toucan, aluminum core trowel lock and left and right cabinet door locks, the main specifications are φ22.5mm and 16mm.

3, the ball door lock: divided into a single insurance door locks, double insurance door locks, three security locks and multi-insurance door locks.

4, ferrule door lock: also known as anti-theft door locks, divided into steel door lock door locks and wooden door lock door locks.

5, ball-type door locks: divided into copper-type ball lock and three-tube ball-type door locks, as well as private room lock.

6, color lock: divided into glass door locks, plug locks, button locks, electrical box switch lock and chain locks, turn the tongue lock and so on.

7, electronic control lock: magnetic card lock, IC card lock, password lock.

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