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Cable Lockout Reasonable Maintenance Management

Cable Lockout As a power cable connecting various electrical equipment, transmitting and distributing electric energy, it has been widely used for its safety, low maintenance workload, high stability, and good quality of energy. At present, the power cable failure in all power supply failure accounted for a considerable proportion. How to quickly and accurately determine the location of the fault and determine the type of failure has become a power cable in the use and operation of one of the key technology.
1. Cause of cable failure Cable Lockout The most direct cause of cable failure is the breakdown of insulation and breakdown. Resulting in a lot of factors to reduce insulation, according to the actual operating experience, summed up nothing more than the following: 1.1 Mechanical damage Installation damage: Cable Lockout In the installation of carelessly bruise the cable, the mechanical traction is too large and the tensile cable, or cable over bending and damage the cable; Directly subject to external damage: In the installation of the cable path or cable near the urban construction, the cable by direct external damage: Indirectly damaged by external force: Driving vehicle shock or shock load will cause the underground cable lead (aluminum) package crack; Damage caused by natural phenomena: Cable Lockout Such as the middle connector or terminal head of the plastic expansion and expansion of the shell or cable jacket; due to the natural cable travel to the tube or bracket on the cable skin abrasion; due to land settlement caused by excessive tension, pull off the middle connector or conductor.
1.2 insulation damp Cable Lockout Insulation caused by failure after damp. The main causes of cable dampness are: Due to the joint box or terminal box structure is not sealed or poor installation caused by water; Poor cable manufacturing, metal sheath with holes or cracks; Metal sheath is stabbed or corroded by foreign objects; 1.3 insulation aging deterioration Cable Lockout Insulation media inside the air gap under the action of the electric field to produce free insulation down. When the insulating medium ionization, the air gap in the production of ozone, nitric acid and other chemical products, corrosion insulation; insulation of the moisture in the insulation fibers to produce hydrolysis, resulting in decreased insulation. Cable Lockout Overheating can cause insulation to deteriorate. The internal air gap of the cable produces electrical dissipation caused by local overheating, so that the insulation carbonization. Cable overload is a very important factor in cable overheating. Cables that are installed in cable-tight areas, cable trenches and cable tunnels, such as cables, cables that are worn in the drying pipe, and portions of the cable that are close to the thermal pipe, are damaged by insulation due to their own overheating.
1.4 overvoltage Cable Lockout Overvoltage mainly refers to the atmospheric overvoltage (lightning) and the cable internal overvoltage. An analysis of the actual failure indicates that the failure of many outdoor terminals is caused by atmospheric overvoltages. Overvoltage causes the cable insulation to break down, forming a fault, and the breakdown point is generally a material defect. 1.5 design and production process is bad Cable Lockout Intermediate joints and terminal head of the waterproof, electric field distribution design is not careful, improper selection of materials, poor technology, not according to the requirements of the production process will cause cable head failure.
1.6 Material defects Cable Lockout Material defects mainly in three aspects. First, the cable manufacturing problems, lead (aluminum) protective layer of defects; in the package insulation process, the paper insulation on the fold, cracks, broken and overlapping gaps and other defects; Second, the cable accessories manufacturing defects , Such as cast iron pieces have trachoma, porcelain pieces of mechanical strength is not enough, other parts do not meet the specifications or assembly is not sealed, etc .; Third, the maintenance of insulation materials mismanagement, resulting in cable insulation moisture, dirt and aging.
1.7 protective layer corrosion Cable Lockout As the underground acid corrosion, stray current impact, so that the cable lead bag skin corrosion by pitting, cracking or perforation, causing failure.
1.8 Loss of insulation of the cable Oil-impregnated paper insulation cable laying when the trench uneven, or in the poles on the outdoor head, due to ups and downs, the gap between the high and low, high insulation oil flow to the lower and high cable insulation performance degradation, leading to failure.

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