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Circuit Breaker Lockout Avoid Failure Caused By Generators And Transformers

Circuit Breaker Lockout protection mainly includes: breaker failure protection, automatic reclosing, charging protection, dead zone protection, three-phase inconsistent protection and instantaneous heel jump.

I. Configuration of Circuit Breaker Lockout protection device

Generally in the double bus, single bus connection mode, transmission line protection to send tripping command when only a Circuit Breaker Lockout at the end of the line, Reclosing Natural also only coincide with this one Circuit Breaker Lockout, so the reclosing according to the protection configuration is reasonable.

In the 3/2 wiring mode, failure protection, automatic reclosing, three-phase inconsistent protection, dead-zone protection and charging protection are done in a device, which is called Circuit Breaker Lockout protection.

II. Breaker Failure Protection

Circuit Breaker Lockout failure protection refers to the relay protection action of the fault electrical equipment to issue the tripping command and when the Circuit Breaker Lockout refuses to move, using the information of the protective action of the fault equipment and the current information of the Reject Circuit Breaker Lockout to determine the failure of the Circuit Breaker Lockout, it is possible to cut off the other relevant Circuit Breaker Lockout in the same factory station with a shorter time limit, so that the range of the power outage is limited to the minimum. So as to ensure the stable operation of the whole power grid, to avoid causing serious damage of generator and transformer and collapse of power grid.

The Circuit Breaker Lockout is a switch device which can close, load and break the current under normal circuit condition, and can be closed, carrying and breaking the abnormal circuit condition (including short-circuit condition) under the specified time. Circuit Breaker Lockout can be used to allocate electric energy, do not start asynchronous motors frequently, power lines and motors, such as protection, when they occur serious overload or short-circuit and undervoltage failure can automatically cut off the circuit, its function is equivalent to the fuse switch and the combination of thermal relays and so on. And after breaking the fault current generally does not need to change the spare part. At present, it has been widely used.

The Circuit Breaker Lockout is composed of a contact system, an arc extinguishing system, an operating mechanism, a tripping device and a shell. The Circuit Breaker Lockout is divided into miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout, plastic case Circuit Breaker Lockout and frame type Circuit Breaker Lockout according to its construction.

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