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Circuit Breaker Lockout With A Variety Of Protection Functions

Circuit Breaker Lockout installation

Board wiring: board wiring is the biggest feature is the replacement or maintenance of Circuit Breaker Lockouts, do not have to re-wiring, only the front power supply disconnected. Due to the special structure, the product has been designed according to the design requirements of the special installation board and installation screws and wiring screws, need special attention is due to the reliability of large-capacity Circuit Breaker Lockout contact will directly affect the normal use of the Circuit Breaker Lockout, so the installation Must be taken seriously and strictly installed according to the manufacturer's requirements.

Plug-in wiring: In the installation of the complete set of equipment, the first installation of a Circuit Breaker Lockout mount, the installation of six plugs, the Circuit Breaker Lockout connection board has six sockets. The mounting seat has a connecting plate or a mounting bracket, and the mounting seat is connected with the power cord and the load line in advance. When used, insert the Circuit Breaker Lockout directly into the mounting seat. If the Circuit Breaker Lockout is broken, just pull out the bad, put a good can. It's replacement time than the board, board wiring is shorter, and convenient. Due to plug, pull need a certain amount of manpower. So China's plug-in products, the shell current limit of up to 400A. Thus saving maintenance and replacement time. Plug-in Circuit Breaker Lockouts should check whether the plug of the Circuit Breaker Lockout is tightened and the Circuit Breaker Lockout should be tightened safely to reduce the contact resistance and improve the reliability.

Drawer-type wiring: the Circuit Breaker Lockout into and out of the drawer is clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, in the main circuit and the secondary circuit are used

Plug-in structure, omitting the necessary isolation of the fixed device, so that a machine with two, to improve the use of the economy, while the operation and maintenance has brought great convenience, increased security and reliability. In particular, the main drawer seat of the drawer seat can be used with the NT type fuse breaker.

A Circuit Breaker Lockout is a switchgear capable of engaging, carrying and breaking current under normal circuit conditions and capable of engaging and driving current under abnormal circuit conditions (including short circuit conditions) for a specified period of time. Circuit Breaker Lockouts can be used to distribute power, not frequently start the asynchronous motor, the power lines and motors and other protection, when they have a serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage failure can automatically cut off the circuit, its function is equivalent to the fuse switch And a combination of overheat relays and the like. And generally do not need to change the parts after breaking the fault current. At present, has been widely used.

Circuit Breaker Lockouts generally by the contact system, arc system, operating mechanism, release, shell and so on. The Circuit Breaker Lockout is divided into miniature Circuit Breaker Lockouts, molded case Circuit Breaker Lockouts and frame type Circuit Breaker Lockouts according to their structure.

Cut off and connected to the load circuit, and cut off the fault circuit to prevent the accident to ensure safe operation. And high-voltage Circuit Breaker Lockouts to break 1500V, current 1500-2000A of the arc, these arc can be stretched to 2m still continue to burn does not go out. So the arc is a high voltage Circuit Breaker Lockout must solve the problem.

Low-voltage Circuit Breaker Lockouts, also known as automatic air switches, can be used to turn on and off the load circuit, can also be used to control the motor is not frequent start. It is equivalent to the knife switch, over current relay, loss of pressure relays, thermal relays and leakage protection devices and other electrical parts of the sum of all the functions of low-voltage distribution network is an important protection of electrical appliances.

Low-voltage Circuit Breaker Lockouts with a variety of protection functions (overload, short circuit, undervoltage protection, etc.), adjustable action value, breaking capacity, easy operation, security, etc., so it is widely used. Structure and working principle Low-voltage Circuit Breaker Lockout by the operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices (a variety of release), arc system and other components.

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