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Electrical Lockout Better Performance And Reliability

Electrical Lockout selection

Electrical Lockout is generally used for glass doors, according to the glass door frame or frameless need to use the door clip and other accessories to install, an Electrical Lockout can only control a door, double fan door to be equipped with two Electrical Lockout. For most of the access control project recommended the use of power off the electrical lock, in the access control system failure and other special circumstances can disconnect the power to open the door, and to meet the fire door to open the fire requirements. Some electrical lock with delay control and door magnetic detection function, the delay control function to support the door after a certain delay time and then lock, for the ground spring performance is not good so that the door lock is not easy to lock the glass door, The delay time of the electrical lock is improved. The market has two-wire Electrical Lockout and multi-core wire lock, two-wire electric plug lock power after the direct drive coil to produce electromagnetic effects, by electromagnetic force to attract spring to control the core switch, long time Easy to use heat, the current fluctuations are also easy to cause Electrical Lockout failure; with multi-line electrical lock generally has a micro-chip control, not only has a lock state, door status detection and other functions, and Electrical Lockout operation by single-chip control, performance and reliability Better, recommended.

Magnetic lock selection

Fire doors, doors and other magnetic locks can be used, magnetic lock stability is better, long time is not easy to use the performance degradation of the situation, but the magnetic lock safety than Electrical Lockout, in a large external force can not guarantee the state The Suction force in the 2000N ~ 4000N magnetic lock is more common, but also for most places, some brands have more than 5000N high holding force of the magnetic lock, suitable for access control security requirements are higher, but not suitable for the installation of other types of electricity Lock the place to choose. Magnetic lock can be divided into single-door magnetic lock and two-door magnetic lock, two doors of the door only need to install a two-door magnetic lock can be. It should be noted that the installation of magnetic lock back door can only be a single open (open or open), and the magnetic lock is difficult to do hidden installation, may affect the door aesthetics.

Cathode lock selection

Cathode lock is generally used for single-door doors, installed in the door side and the ball lock, handle lock and other mechanical lock with the use of access through the card or use the mechanical lock key can open the door, generally used for low security requirements of the room door The Select the cathode lock to pay attention to the specifications of the lock body is what kind of standard, the domestic door locks are the main US standard and the European standard two, only the cathode lock and mechanical lock is the same standard, in order to ensure the size of the lock Mechanical lock tongue anastomosis, to achieve the best lock state.

, Electrical Lockout products and developed countries, people's lives are closely related. In the United States and Europe subway station, where the subway station traffic is very large, they have a lot of way to guide the flow of people, subway fare uniform charges is one of the initiatives, Beijing subway station countless number of stations, the use of traffic control Is a fully enclosed cross revolving door. Smart channel lined up using a single-way flow control, that is, access and leave are different channels. All the channels without manual management using TV monitoring, each customer choose coin or induction magnetic ticket through the cross gate, after 120 degrees automatically reset, once only through a person. Induction (or coin), release, through, reset, and again and again from the subway flow control and charge management responsibility.

The current Electrical Lockout has entered the era of rapid development, we are not familiar with the magnetic induction Electrical Lockouts have been widely used in foreign countries, and its advantages are many: 1, insert the diameter of 15-16mm is appropriate; 2, high and low , Electrical Lockout can generally work between 10V-18V, individual manufacturers also do 28V, the lock body power supply, can be constantly pressurized to test its high pressure value, test its high temperature temperature rise, can not exceed 20 degrees, usually in about 5 minutes to be measured. Lock in the start when the power consumption of large, standby power consumption reduced by more than half; 3, the Electrical Lockout the opposite direction of the work, insert the tip of the upward movement, listen to the sound snapped as well, and vice versa.

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