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Electrical Lockout Good Stability And Long Service Life Make Home Safer

For the access control industry, the development of access lock lock has been some years, according to the current intelligent trend, the intelligent door lock system also entered the modernized stage, the Electrical Lockoutlocks the intelligent door lock to need repeatedly inserts the card or the induction card to open the door to operate normally, should not appear "not to respond", "the Mistake" or "the electric motor is disorderly turn" and so on phenomenon To investigate the brand door lock information, the clock capacity is not easy to confuse, as long as the intelligent door lock performance, those so-called additional function does not necessarily have a practical effect.

In the Electrical Lockoutlocks the general induction door lock uses the dry battery power supply, at present, some brands use electromagnetic wave recognition to card on the electric mode, electromagnetic wave on the power consumption of a larger, because the way less infrared tube, using the antenna continuously weak signal (not strong signal because the long-term strong signal will be very large) to identify the card. The proposal now also uses the infrared electricity way for the stability, the card does not print into the entire surface pure black to be possible, the printing entire surface gray black all may, actually also very few customers choose the whole face pure black as the background of the card. When the fingerprint lock is selected in the electric lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint acquisition system is an optical fingerprint acquisition system, a semiconductor fingerprint acquisition system or an ultrasonic fingerprint acquisition system.

The use of the optical fingerprint collection system is most suitable for the lock environment. Compared with other acquisition systems, optical acquisition system has the advantages of strong antistatic ability, good system stability, long service life, high resolution image, and large area fingerprint image acquisition. The lock body should not have a serious "cha" "rub" mechanical friction sound. Gently force should be able to hold the hand down, the hand back to normal position. Mechanical transmission can not rely on oil lubrication, to rely on mechanical parts of the compact, such as full oil lubrication once the use of oil after a long time after drying, the door lock on the fault frequently.

Electric locks make home safer. Compared to mechanical locks, electric locks are often able to provide better product quality and superior performance to ensure home safety, improve the safety of residential. Take Anrange's brand Sillech the latest electronic lock as an example, through 100,000 life test, can be opened by password, can also be opened by credit card, in the input of the correct password can be free to enter any number, can also open the door lock, effectively prevent the password leakage. When the door lock is damaged, the door lock will automatically trigger the alarm function, on the one hand can warn the people in the house, timely alarm, on the other hand, can effectively prevent thieves from entering. When a family member goes out on vacation or is not at home for a long time, it can also be set up as a vacation mode, prohibiting or activating all the user card and password card to open the door, do not worry that the bad people use the password and user card into the unattended home.

Electric locks make home more convenient. Mechanical locks can only be opened through the mechanical keys, nor can they provide other functions to make home safety experience more convenient, the Electrical Lockoutis the opposite. Sillech newly introduced electronic locks using a new touch technology, light touch wake up, high-end fashion, can also swipe the door lock, no longer need to worry because unable to find the key to enter their own door. This electronic lock also has a very interesting function, households can be set in a specific period of time to allow individual users with user card/password access, other times can not enter, more humane access management, optimize the security experience, for the home of the user is very practical nanny. In addition, this electronic lock setting is also very convenient, the entire voice prompts the instruction operation, more intimate provides three stalls volume adjustment, the operation is simpler and convenient, very easy to complete the setup.

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