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Electrical Lockout Improve The Safety Factor Of The House

Home security is a hot topic that people are most concerned about in their daily lives. If it can not guarantee that home security will not only bring great damage to family property, more likely to make the family members of the personal safety is threatened. How to take measures to improve home security has become the focus of many people.

Security Research Institute researcher pointed out that look at the current home security situation, most people want to rely on community security patrol or the strength of the public security departments to ensure security. In fact, the community security and the police can provide the power is limited, and its dependence on the outside world, why not fundamentally improve the safety factor of the house, so that families can live more peace of mind, more at ease.

Home security is the first line of defense is the door lock. Today, most of the home use of the door lock is still an ordinary mechanical lock, for the "battle" thieves, open the door lock is easy, can not really guarantee the safety of home. Compared to mechanical locks, Electrical Lockouts have a higher security, to avoid this situation.

Electrical Lockouts make home more secure. Compared to mechanical locks, Electrical Lockouts are often able to provide better product quality and superior performance to protect the safety of home and improve the safety factor of the house. An Longjie's brand Xilaiqi latest electronic lock, for example, through 100000 life test, either password open, you can open the card, enter the correct password before you can enter any number, you can also open the door lock, Effectively prevent the password leak. When the door is damaged, the door lock will automatically trigger the alarm ringing function, on the one hand can alert the people inside, timely alarm, on the other hand can also effectively prevent the thief's entry. When the family members out of vacation or long time is not at home, you can also set the holiday mode, a one-time ban or activate all user cards and password card open the door, do not worry about the bad people use the password and user card into the home The

Electrical Lockouts make home more convenient. Mechanical locks can only open the door through the mechanical key, can not provide other features to make home security experience more convenient, Electrical Lockout is the opposite. Xilaiqi latest electronic lock with a new touch-touch technology, stroking wake up, high-end fashion, you can also open the lock card, no longer have to worry about because they can not find the key and can not enter their own door. This electronic lock also has a very interesting function, the tenants can set a specific period of time to allow individual users with the user card / password to enter, other times can not enter, to more humane access management, optimization security experience, For home users with nannies can be described as very practical. In addition, this electronic lock settings are also very convenient, full voice prompts to guide the operation, more intimate to provide third gear volume adjustment, operation more simple and convenient, it is easy to complete the set.

Finally, the Institute of Security researcher tips: At present, many families do not put enough attention to the home door lock situation, often in the event of theft after the event did not regret the installation of a home to protect the safety of high-quality door locks. Take preventive measures, why not from now on for their home to install the quality of reliable, superior performance of the Electrical Lockout, for home security to add a layer of protection!

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