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Electrical Lockout System Stability Is Good, Long Service Life

For the access control industry, access control lock the development of the lock has also been some years, according to the current intelligent trend, intelligent door lock system also log into the modern stage, electric lock lock smart door need to repeatedly card or induction card to open the door Normal operation, should not appear "no response", "error" or "motor chaos" and so on. To investigate the brand door lock information, the clock is not easy to chaos, as long as the performance of intelligent door locks to check the stability of those so-called additional features do not necessarily have a practical effect.

Electric locks in the general induction door locks are used to dry battery power supply, some brands currently use electromagnetic wave to identify the card to power, electromagnetic power mode power consumption larger, because the way less infrared tube, the use of the antenna continuous weaker Signal (can not be strong signal because the long-term strong signal will consume a lot of power) to identify the card. It is recommended to use the infrared power supply for the stability of the card is not printed on the whole surface can be pure black, printed surface can be black and black, in fact, very few customers choose the whole black as the background of the card. When using the lock lock in the lock, it should be understood that the fingerprint acquisition system is an optical fingerprint acquisition system, a semiconductor fingerprint acquisition system or an ultrasonic fingerprint acquisition system.

Among them, the optical fingerprint collection system is most suitable for the use of door lock environment. Optical acquisition system has excellent antistatic ability compared with other acquisition systems, the system stability is good, long service life, can provide high-resolution images, to achieve a larger area of fingerprint image acquisition. Lock body should not have serious "Cha" "Cha" mechanical friction sound. Gently force should be able to press the handle down, hand back to normal. Mechanical transmission can not rely on oil lubrication, depends on the mechanical connection of the compact, such as relying on oil lubrication once a long time after the use of oil drying, the door lock on the frequent failure.

    Electric lock products and developed countries, people's lives are closely related. In the United States and Europe, the subway station, where the subway station traffic is very large, they have a lot of way to ease the flow of people, subway fare uniform charges is one of the initiatives, the Beijing subway station countless number of stations, the use of traffic control Is a fully enclosed cross revolving door. Smart channel lined up using a single-way flow control, that is, access and leave are different channels. All the channels without manual management using TV monitoring, each customer choose coin or induction magnetic ticket through the cross gate, after 120 degrees automatically reset, once only through a person. Induction (or coin), release, through, reset, and again and again from the subway flow control and charge management of the important task.

    The current electric lock has entered the era of rapid development, we are not familiar with the magnetic induction electric locks have been widely used in foreign countries, and its advantages are many: 1, insert the diameter of 15-16mm is appropriate; 2, high and low , Electric lock can generally work between 10V-18V, individual manufacturers also do 28V, the lock body power supply, can be constantly pressurized to test its high pressure value, test its high temperature temperature rise, can not exceed 20 degrees, usually in about 5 minutes to be measured. Lock in the start of the larger power consumption, standby power consumption reduced by more than half; 3, the electric lock in the opposite direction of the work, plug up when the movement, listen to the sound snapped as well, and vice versa.

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