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Safety Hasp Good Ventilation And Lightweight Material

Safety Hasp, it is a steel hat used to protect our head. Its overall appearance is hemispherical, with a certain elastic impact resistance, and it is very strong, smooth. Safety Safety Hasp, its biggest characteristic is its breathability is good and the material is very lightweight. It is widely used in the industry, in addition to the construction industry is also a large number of applications in metallurgy, forestry industry. In the construction industry, the different color of the Safety Hasp is different meaning.

The life-long material of the Safety Hasp determines the quality of safety. Ann's star tells you material classification: 1 Engineering Plastics: Engineering Plastics mainly divided into thermoplastic materials and thermosetting materials two categories. Mainly used for the production of Safety Hasp caps, caps, etc., the production of materials used for cap hoop, when adding other plastic, colorant and other materials, should pay attention to these ingredients are non-toxic, do not cause skin allergies or inflammation. The use of plastic caps used in coal mine gas mines should be antistatic agents. Thermosetting materials can be mixed with glass wire, Vinylon filament. 2 rubber Material: Like the rubber material has the natural rubber and the synthetic rubber. Can not use waste plastic and recycled rubber. 3 Paper Rubber Material: paper rubber material with wood pulp and other raw materials. 4 Plant material: plant material has tengzigou, willow, bamboo. 5 Cold hat materials: cold cap shell can be made of engineering plastics, plant materials, fabrics can be used cotton, chemical fiber products, sheep shearing velvet, plush, leather, artificial leather, wool and so on. Cap lining can be dyed, flannel, wool and so on. 6 cap Belt Materials: cotton, chemical fiber. 7 cap and top strap rope materials: cotton rope, chemical fiber rope or cotton, chemical fiber mixed rope.

The Safety Hasp can withstand the pressure mainly uses three kinds of principle: cushioning effect: There is a 25~50mm gap between the cap shell and the cap liner, and when the object strikes the safety Safety Hasp, the cap shell will produce a deformation absorbing object impact energy under the impact load, so as to avoid the direct influence of the object falling on the top of the head. Dispersion stress action: The cap shell is oval or hemispherical, the surface is smooth, when the object falls on the CAP shell, the object cannot stop to fall immediately, and the CAP shell is transmitted to the periphery by the force of the blow point, and the force through the cap cushion can reach more than 2/3, and the rest of the force passes the entire area of the cap to the skull, In this way, the focus point of the CAP shell becomes the focus of the skull, thus avoiding the stress concentration on the skull and reducing the force of the unit area. Biomechanics: GB stipulates that the Safety Hasp must be able to absorb 4900N. This is because the biological test, the human cervical vertebra in the force when the maximum limit, more than the limit of the cervical spine will be hurt, the light is paralyzed, the heavy person life-threatening. Low quality and low price of the danger of safety Safety Hasp: some low quality and low price Safety Hasp is only a façade, and can not play a protective role. In the selection of materials, the design of the liner is not up to the requirements of GB, and when impacted, it cannot produce the deformation absorbing shock energy in time, and it can not disperse the stress effectively. If you choose these products, once there is an accident in the work, will have a great damage to the user's head, the light is causing a concussion, the heavy person life-threatening.

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