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Safety Hasp The Head On The Helmet Is Protected By External Damage

As we all know, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries. With the advent of skyscrapers and tall scaffolding, accidents are caused by falling and object impact, and more and more noticeable. According to statistics, high-altitude fall and object impact accounted for 56% of the total number of construction accidents, is the main cause of the loss of construction workers, how to help construction workers to protect, reduce high-altitude fall and damage to the object? Wear Safety Hasps is undoubtedly a good prevention Measures. Although the Safety Hasp is usually not surprising, but "little Safety Hasp, hide the big sermon". The best Safety Hasp is the sliding surface of the FRP Safety Hasp and the top of the cap, which is designed to reduce the impact of the falling object.

The best Safety Hasp is connected to a buckle with a cap, which is the central part of the Safety Hasp, which can delay and reduce the pressure on the head and neck, and more importantly, it absorbs most of the energy The head of the Safety Hasp is protected by external damage, but there are still some workers and even managers who ignore the Safety Hasp protection and the proper application of the method. Electric Safety Hasp like some contractors want to make more money, unconscious conscience Buy fake and sloppy Safety Hasp for workers, false Safety Hasps, in high fall and the effect of objects is often fragile. Some construction workers lack the right to use Safety Hasps for training, Safety Hasp maintenance and regular replacement of knowledge are poor.

For example, some workers in the safety Safety Hasp on the drilling ventilation, do not know how to reduce the impact of Safety Hasps, causing serious consequences, some workers wearing a Safety Hasp is very old, need to change for many years. Because you know the open work of the site, because the light intensity, the temperature and hot and humid, plastic manufacturing Safety Hasp has a great impact, the effective use of plastic Safety Hasp, the impact of the impact is greatly reduced in the high drop and the impact of objects in front, Often fragile.

The size of the best Safety Hasp is: internal dimensions, shade, edge, vertical spacing, horizontal spacing, height, projection and wear holes. Vertical distance and height By wearing two important dimensions of a safety Safety Hasp, the vertical distance means that the Safety Hasp has no axial distance between the upper and the inner surfaces of the top shell (except for the upper bones). The size requirement is 25 mm $ mm. The height of the wear is the axial distance from the bottom of the armor collar to the upper end.

The required size of 80mm, the vertical spacing is too small, a direct impact on the safety of Safety Hasp performance, wear a high degree of direct impact on the stability of the Safety Hasp, the two requirements of any unconditional will directly affect the safety of Safety Hasps, to ensure safety performance, The weight of the Safety Hasp is as easy as possible, can reduce the staff due to neck wear caused by wear and tear, the safety Safety Hasp weight should not exceed 430 grams, large along the weight of the safety Safety Hasp should not exceed 460 grams, the weight of the cold Safety Hasp should not exceed 690 grams (The above weight requirement does not include the extra part). The quality of the best qualified Safety Hasps can effectively alleviate and absorb the wearer's head by the unexpected impact, so in the industrial and mining enterprises, where there may be objects fall, there may be a head collision or the workers themselves have fallen risk Of the workplace, will be mandatory to require workers to wear fiberglass Safety Hasps for protection, to protect the safety of workers.

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