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Safety Padlock Better Security

Straight open ball safety padlock

(1), lock body: lock body is the main part of the security padlock assembly padlock, all parts are included, and the wholesale blockade.

In the safety padlock lock body drilled with a trademark hole, lock beam hole, lock core hole, drip hole, off the beam hole, bullet hole, core pin hole, these holes are used for and with the corresponding parts.

(2), lock beam: lock beam is one of the main elements of the locking mechanism, it can with a certain static pressure. The small neck and the missing part of the lock beam are part of the groove with the beam pin, the neck can be locked in the beam under the control of the beam under the control of the arbitrary rotation, the lack of local lock beam is closed when the beam lock aisle. The tongue groove is a key part of the lock beam lock can be strong, high precision request.

(3), the lock cylinder: the security padlock of the lock head has two claws, claws and the tongue with the completion of the conversion of the action, by the claws on behalf of the lock for the inner move, the lock cylinder rotation Into the tongue of the move. In order to improve the anti-pull effect of the lock, the key of the lock cylinder is processed into S-shaped or shaped.

(4), the tongue: the lock and the lock beam is a tacit understanding of the original locking mechanism, the request is necessary to stretch sensitive, but also have a certain strength. The tongue of the tongue and the tongue of the lock beam fit, when the lock beam is pressed, the slope is used to synthesize the pressure of the lock beam, and the bottom plane of the tongue is used to prevent the jumping of the lock beam. The bottom of the tongue and the lock cylinder with the lock to complete the opening function, while the lock plate by the lock beam compression does not drive the cylinder when the rotation.

(5), anti-cover cover: anti-cover cover the main role from the maintenance of the tongue, it is installed in the lock cylinder head, the lock cylinder keyway blockade to prevent foreign matter from the keyway toggle the tongue , To reach the purpose of defense. When the lock demand is turned on, the code key is inserted from the keyhole, and the bottom of the ball is aligned with the center of the lock cylinder. The flat bottom of the ball and the round ball are aligned at the circumference of the cylinder. Core and lock body obstacles. Turn the key clockwise, the cylinder with the key together with the rotation (the angle of rotation by the lock pin control), the cylinder behind the claws toggle the tongue, the tongue tightening the role of the tongue out of the force, Toggle the claws on the lock cylinder so that the lock cylinder is rotated counterclockwise, and when it is turned to the original position, it is blocked by the lock cylinder lock. At this point all back into the center of the lock cylinder, flat head into a part of the lock cylinder, a part to stay in the lock body, the lock lock. When the safety padlock demand is closed, the lock beam on the door nose, the pressure on the bottom of the lock body or hand on the lock at the same time after the force, forcing the lock beam to move the lock body. The locking beam restrains the spring force and shrinks the squeeze to the lock body. Lock the beam into the lock body, the tongue in the role of the elastic force out of the lock, the lock beam ban, to achieve the purpose of blocking.

Why is the security lock better than the other place? In fact, you usually did not feel out, maybe after we say that you will be able to immediately experience out.

In fact, the lock on the United States in here, can see everything, and the memory in the lock all locked. Leaving a piece of beautiful memories in my mind. Safety lock in the time you need to open your heart, regardless of the key and not, will help you find. This is a little, it can be considered a little advantage of security locks it Then list a few: no matter what the lock, you lose the key in the case, the safety lock is always the first time for you to solve the problem. Open the door for your home. And reunion with their loved ones, this is a great happiness.

The key to go away, in who's who happened, are reluctant, like the wok on the ants, restlessness non-stop, and now only hope that a person completely sent back the key, thanks to heaven and earth, but this person does not The existence of security lock is indeed a real existence. The truth for you to solve the problem.

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