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Safety Padlock High Degree Of Firmness

The Safety Padlock has the same appearance as the ordinary civil padlock, but the safety padlock and the ordinary civil padlock are quite different.

Safety padlock is generally ABS engineering plastics, and civilian padlock generally metal;

The main purpose of safety padlock is to warn against anti-theft effect, the main purpose of ordinary civil padlock is to guard against theft;

Safety padlock of the lock beam can not be opened automatically, with a key function, while the ordinary civil padlock is the opposite;

Ordinary civil padlock is usually a lock with a key, and Safety Padlock general padlock can be equipped with more keys, divided into management locks and ordinary locks;

Safety padlocks are often exposed to acid and alkali environments and require special treatment, while general civil padlocks are usually not used.

The transverse opening safety padlock structure, the lock core axis and the lock beam straight line local axis perpendicular, its head is an eccentric pin axis, by the eccentric axle pin residential area lock beam. When the lock needs to be turned on, insert the key into the lock, the lock core and the key rotate together, tighten the reset spring, the lock core turns to a certain angle, the eccentric pin axle eliminates the pin of the lock beam, the lock beam is bouncing up under the action of the spring force, the height of the projectile is stopped by the beam pin, the lock is opened

When the lock beam jumps, the eccentric lock shaft on the lock is locked by the lock beam, so that the lock core can not return to the original position, the key in the lock in the back of the billiard obstacles can not be removed, people call this phenomenon "generals do not dismount."

When the lock demand is closed, use the Close method of the straight-open safety padlock to exert pressure on the lock, lock beam tightening spring into the lock, after entering the lock position, clang to eliminate the lock core eccentric pin axis of the barrier, the lock in the role of the reset spring back in situ, the eccentric pin axis will lock beam pin, to reach the lock.

The lock has the advantages of simple structure, low selling price and not easy to lose the key. But there is also a fatal flaw is the low degree of firmness, anti-theft performance is poor. Because the lock beam is one-sided locking, it is easy to pry the non locking surface, so that the lock beam was destroyed.

In recent years, many consumers of horizontal open safety padlock manufacturers are actively discussing how to improve the level of safety padlock, and the consumption of a lock with the tongue of the safety padlock. The lock in the original transverse safety padlock on the basis of the addition of oblique pins, springs, lock tongue, sealing piece four parts, and the manufacturing process of the lock has little effect.

When the lock demand is turned on, the key is inserted into the lock core, and the eccentric pin shaft of the lock core loses its pin to the lock beam. The lock core square rib moves the slanting pin to move upwards, uses the bevel to push the lock tongue, the locking tongue tightens the spring back to shrink, has revoked the pin to the lock beam, the lock beam jumps up under the action of the elasticity, jumps to the certain altitude after the beam pin stops.

When the lock demand closes, press the straight-open safety padlock to close the pressure, lock beam tightening spring into the lock body, the lock in the reset spring, the role of the Reset, the movement of the diagonal lock downward, the lock tongue in the role of elasticity out, will lock beam pin, lock the head of the eccentric pin axis also pin lock beam, This is much more robust than the original horizontal padlock.

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