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Valve Lockout Long-term To Keep The Sealing Effect

Valve Lockout procurement only clear specifications, categories, working conditions, pressure to meet the procurement requirements of the practice in the current market economy is imperfect. Because the Valve Lockout manufacturer in order to product competition, each in the unified design of the Valve Lockout under the idea of different innovations, the formation of their own corporate standards and product personality. Therefore, in the Valve Lockout procurement more detailed technical requirements, and manufacturers to obtain a consensus, as the Valve Lockout procurement contract attachment is very necessary.

General requirements

1.1 Valve Lockout specifications and categories, should meet the requirements of pipeline design documents.

1.2 The Valve Lockout model should be marked according to the national standard number requirements. If the enterprise standard, should specify the relevant description of the model.

1.3 Valve Lockout work pressure, requirements ≥ pipe work pressure, without affecting the price under the premise of the Valve Lockout can withstand the actual pressure should be greater than the actual pressure of the pipeline; Valve Lockout closed on any side of the conditions should be able to withstand 1.1 times the pressure Value and no leakage; Valve Lockout open conditions, the Valve Lockout body should be able to withstand the requirements of double Valve Lockout pressure.

1.4 Valve Lockout manufacturing standards, should be based on the national standard number, if the enterprise standards, procurement contracts should be attached to the enterprise documents.

2. Valve Lockout standard

2.1 body material, should be mainly ductile iron, and indicate the actual grade of cast iron and physical and chemical detection data.

2.2 stem material, and strive to stainless steel stem (20Cr13), large diameter Valve Lockouts should also be stainless steel embedded package stem.

2.3 nut material, the use of cast aluminum brass or cast aluminum bronze, and hardness and strength are greater than the stem.

2.4 stem bushing material, its hardness and strength should not be greater than the stem, and in the case of water immersion and stem, the Valve Lockout body does not form electrochemical corrosion.

2.5 sealing surface material

① different types of Valve Lockouts, sealing methods and material requirements are different;

② ordinary wedge gate Valve Lockout, copper ring material, fixed way, grinding methods should be stated;

③ soft seal gate Valve Lockout, Valve Lockout plate rubber lining material physical and chemical and health test data;

④ butterfly Valve Lockout should be marked on the Valve Lockout body sealing surface material and butterfly plate sealing surface material; their physical and chemical testing data, especially rubber hygiene requirements, anti-aging properties, wear resistance; usually use Dingqing rubber and EPDM Rubber, etc., is strictly prohibited with recycled rubber.

2.6 Valve Lockout shaft packing

① because the pipe network in the Valve Lockout, usually open and close is not frequent, requiring the filler in a few years of inactivity, packing is not aging, long-term to maintain the sealing effect;

 ② Valve Lockout shaft packing should also be subject to frequent opening and closing, the sealing effect of good;

 ③ In view of the above requirements, the Valve Lockout shaft filler for life or not for more than ten years without replacement;

 ④ If the packing is to be replaced, the Valve Lockout design should consider the measures to replace the water pressure.

3. Variable speed transmission box

3.1 box material and internal and external corrosion requirements and Valve Lockout body consistent.

3.2 box should be sealed measures, the box can withstand 3 meters after assembly of the water column soaking.

3.3 The opening and closing limit device on the box, the adjustment nut should be in the box or in the box, but need special tools to operate.

3.4 drive structure design is reasonable, open and close can only drive the Valve Lockout shaft rotation, not to move up and down, the transmission parts bite appropriate, do not produce load and opening and closing when the separation slip.

3.5 variable transmission box and Valve Lockout shaft seal can not be connected into a leak-free as a whole, otherwise there should be a reliable anti-string leakage measures.

 3.6 box without debris, gear bite parts should be grease protection.

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